Inspiring Cultivars, Carefully-selected to Maximize Aroma and Flavour

We are committed to providing you with a High End Cannabis experience, through the creation of better cannabis flower. We promise to drive the industry forward by constantly improving our techniques and practices. We take pride in growing High End Cannabis that respects each Cultivar’s genetic lineage and history. We are committed to providing enthusiasts with hand-crafted cannabis flower that delivers an uncompromised experience. Our products are crafted by knowledgeable cannabis minds, who share a passion for the product; from seed, to package. Every effort is made to ensure that each harvest is greater than the last, and celebrated with better aroma and flavour.



Sunlight Enrichment and Active Plant Management

Our plants are raised at our indoor-style facility in Kincardine, Ontario, using High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lighting and an advanced supplemental sunlight system that creates a unique finished flower. Our 7ACRES facility design allows us to improve on indoor-grown cannabis by providing controlled measures of natural light. The full spectrum sunlight bathes each plant in far-red, infrared, and UV light, creating a specialized lighting spectrum and strengthens the aroma, look and feel of our finished flower. The result is a High End Cannabis experience, from your first impression to your last. When producing wine, intensity and flavour are improved by reducing the number of bunches per vine, focusing energy on the remaining grapes, which improves the quality of the yield. Similarly, our facility employs Active Plant Management, using macro-adjustments to reduce the number of flowers produced per plant, and micro-adjustments to ensure consistent top-flowers.



Whole-plant Curing, Finished by Hand

We believe that quality cannot be rushed. After five years of research and development, 7ACRES has created a proprietary whole-plant curing program. The curing process allows the flower’s moisture content to come to a proper balance, intensifies the aroma, enriches the transfer of aroma to flavour, and solidifies the structure of each flower. Our whole-plant methodology allows for a slow drying process, which improves the overall aroma and flavour profile of the dried cannabis flower. Once the extended curing process is complete, each plant is trimmed and polished by hand, for perfectly manicured flower, free of extraneous leaf and stem; improving the aroma and visual appeal. The result is a more enjoyable, consistent and flavourful experience for cannabis enthusiasts.