Introduction The Future Ideal of the Plant - we keep repeating this phrase, so what do we truly mean when we say it? 7ACRES is very proud of our role in the Canadian cannabis industry. We hold deep gratitude and Read more.
Concentrates, or ‘extracts’ as some of you may refer to them, are close to the heart of any cannabis enthusiast. Concentrates, when produced properly and effectively, are the purest expression of the flavour and aromatic profile of any cultivar. Thus Read more.
7ACRES offers you a high-quality and convenient choice for consuming our beloved high-end cannabis flower: pre-rolls (i.e. pre-rolled joints). Whether you know how to roll up a spliff or not, we’ve considered quality, convenience, and high-quality cultivars, in offering premium Read more.
At 7ACRES, we truly believe that craft growers play an essential role in helping to realize the future ideal of the plant. Our Craft Collective program is an amazing way for us to discover some of the best cannabis in Read more.
Sweet Citrus, Crisp Pine and Warm Spice — Thoughtfully Selected If you asked us what 7ACRES’ hallmark cultivar is, we would tell you it’s Jack Haze. We genuinely love to grow and enjoy our beloved Jack Haze strain. It is Read more.
7ACRES is proud of the high duty-of-care we possess in our cultivation of cannabis production. Cannabis is an incredible plant, but it takes a substantial amount of experience, patience, and innovation to create and maintain a successful grow—without infestation or Read more.