Episode 7: Craft Collective

At 7ACRES, we truly believe that craft growers play an essential role in helping to realize the future ideal of the plant. Our Craft Collective program is an amazing way for us to discover some of the best cannabis in Canada, and to bring it to our community across the country.

No movement is its best self without strong partnerships, and Craft Collective is where we link and build. The Craft Collective is our unique collection of rare, limited quantity, small-batch premium Cannabis cultivars, with some of the highest THC levels available – all grown by Canadian Craft growers. Our vision here has been to form trusting partnerships with premium craft growers in order to serve our community with incredible high-end craft cannabis; and to advance the future ideal of the plant via our supportive and lasting partnerships with these small-scale growers.

We know the community trusts us as a premium cannabis producer, so rest assured that our partnerships will reflect that trust. After establishing valuable relationships with craft growers, we are then ready to discover amazing small-batch cultivars to share with our community of enthusiasts who Accept Nothing Less.

Sensory-based selection is at the heart of the Craft Collective program. We have applied years of strong experience – in listening to and understanding what our community wants from their cannabis cultivars – and transferred that knowledge to our incredibly thoughtful selection process. Our 7ACRES team guarantees that each grower’s entire cultivation process is aligned with our ideology of Accepting Nothing Less! We rigorously evaluate the grower’s ability to select high-quality genetics – we’re talking rare, highly sought-after cultivars – their ability to grow flower with great care, to slow dry, and to meticulously hand-trim and cure their craft cannabis.

We ensure the resulting craft-grown cannabis offers amazingly pungent aromas, dazzlingly beautiful bud structure, and mouth-watering flavour. Some of the limited-edition Craft Collective strains that our enthusiasts have enjoyed so far are OG Kush, Jet Fuel Cookies, Ice Cream Cake, Black Cherry Punch, Kush Cookies, Pink Kush, and Wild Berry OG.

7ACRES is committed to advancing legal craft cannabis in Canada through our well-founded partnerships. Our craft partners grow amazing small-batch cannabis, and we stand behind them. Stay tuned to The Stash – we are excited to show you which incredible craft cultivars we’ll offer you next. Each small-batch lot will be available in select provinces in limited quantities. These are the strains you’re looking for!