Episode 10: Future Ideal of the Plant


The Future Ideal of the Plant – we keep repeating this phrase, so what do we truly mean when we say it? 7ACRES is very proud of our role in the Canadian cannabis industry. We hold deep gratitude and respect for the individuals and groups that have come before us; and who continue on the scene alongside us. We absolutely understand the important role we play in helping shape the future of our industry and in helping shape the future of the amazing cannabis plant. Let’s take a look at the changes we want to see in the near future when it comes to advancing towards a better and more prosperous future for the cannabis plant. Some of these aspirations will come sooner than later, but it’s important that we understand where we are going.

We believe in the absolute power of the cannabis plant. And our mission has been successful in bringing high-end cannabis to Canadians, while building our role as cannabis educators too. We recognize that many of our customers are established cannabis community members; and we are so grateful for their trust in our premium cannabis products, and in our brand vision. At the same time, we wish to welcome new members of the community with open arms – Canadians who are just discovering the potential benefits of high-quality cannabis concentrates. The more, the merrier, and we want everyone to feel they can learn, grow, and elevate within our valued cannabis enthusiast community.

The Future of the Industry

We see ourselves as bridging the past, present, and future in this industry. If you don’t keep an eye to the future, how do you know where you are headed? But if you don’t pay attention and show respect for the past, how can you inform your future decisions within this space? The future of cannabis is bright and exciting. But it hasn’t always felt like this. There has been and continues to be, a hard-fought fight against many factors within this space.


We will never lose sight of the fact that so many people, individuals and groups, have sacrificed so much in order to even claim a position in this space. We do not take that lightly, and it is always informing our business practices and ideologies. We dream of a future where the stigmatization of cannabis is erased – where cannabis use is normalized as a beneficial element to so many peoples’ lives and to society as a whole. Huge leaps have been made in a positive direction here, but we still have a long way to go – and that’s okay – we’re up for the challenge and we’re motivated by it.

Beyond stigmatization, we recognize that there are tangible consequences being faced by individuals and groups within the cannabis world that are incredibly unjust. Our hope is that nations across the globe will decriminalize, legalize, and become educated on the plant so that they see the benefit of allowing it to become integrated within their society. We recognize that it is not morally right for so many of us to be celebrating this legal cannabis space, while others have been punished for advocating for it when it was simply not granted legality by our governments.

Indica vs. Sativa

We wish for the outdated and over-simplified classification of ‘indica’ and ‘sativa’ to be phased out.

According to Schwabe & McGlaughlin (2019): Differences in characteristics within a named strain may be surprising for a recreational user, but differences may be more serious for a medical patient who relies on a particular strain for alleviation of specific symptoms. … There is no consistent genetic differentiation between the widely held perceptions of Sativa and Indica cannabis types. Moreover, the genetic analyses do not support the reported proportions of Sativa and Indica within each strain, which is expected given the lack of genetic distinction between Sativa and Indica.

We see this as limiting the understanding of the true potential of the plant. And we also believe it misguides education on cannabis and all of its amazing properties. We wish to see cannabis assessed accurately, using a scientifically supported classification system that uses empirical evidence to correlate cannabis compounds and their associated benefits. We want cannabis to be assessed for its true sensory and growth characteristics.

New Products

7ACRES will always create premium high-THC cannabis for our customers who seek this, but we also want to expand our understanding of the plant’s positive properties so that other metrics are appreciated. The cannabis plant is such a deep and complex being after all, and deserves to be appreciated for all of its qualities, not just its strength. Elements like, you guessed it, aroma and flavour must be appreciated to understand this plant fully. To be true connoisseurs, we must consider all factors.

When we say the future ideal of the plant, we mean that we are looking toward new, innovative, high-quality cannabis products. We want to forge spaces for amazing artisan cannabis cultivators, like what we’ve developed with our Craft Collective partnerships. And the amount of improvement among concentrates alone in the last ten years fills us with so much hope and excitement for the future outlook of cannabis product types. We want to lead the way with live resins and rosins, and more exciting new cannabis products down the road. We will focus on using new technologies and advancements to elevate these products to an even higher level of quality and creativity.

What does the future of the Cannabis Plant look like?

Global receptiveness of cannabis is accelerating at a fast pace, which is incredible to see! By 2025, the global legalized cannabis market is expected to reach USD 40 billion[1]. This is fueled by many nations across the globe legalizing cannabis. Our closest neighbour and trading partner, the USA, is legalizing cannabis on a state by state basis, and it is anticipated to be federally legalized in the future. This is positive news for the North American cannabis market.

Many people are now seeking advice from medical professionals on using cannabis for medical purposes to treat various illnesses and symptoms. People are being educated on truths about the plant, rather than the barrage of misinformation that has plagued us for decades in this industry. This is a very positive outlook, as people are opening their minds to understanding the immense, beneficial power of cannabis for themselves and others.

People are finding out that the human body is outfitted with an endocannabinoid system designed to receive cannabinoids via our physical receptors. This alone is such valuable education for people new to understanding the role of cannabis on humans. In understanding this, it opens up so much research on how the myriad cannabinoids that are found in cannabis interact with the human body and mind – and how that influences our physical and mental health. We are seeing a proliferation of this type of research, and it is such a positive step. Research is integral to the advancement and to de-stigmatization as well.

Welcoming the Future

The Canadian and global cannabis industry is ever-growing, and we are so excited to exist as leaders within this space at such a time. We are forward thinkers who deeply value our role within this amazing industry. Our aim is to continuously contribute in a positive way, always forward and upward!

7ACRES will continue to elevate the Canadian cannabis space in a holistic manner. We will continue to create high-end cannabis products that reflect the future ideal of the plant. We are devoted to high-quality cannabis education, and to always listening carefully to our community. We will continue to fight stigmatization of the plant and its users – and we will ensure that we contribute consciously to the betterment of the entire community – as individual people and as a collective.

We at 7ACRES are as motivated as ever to continue our leadership role in the Canadian cannabis space. Our dream is coming to fruition with each step forward, and we are honoured to join this journey with our treasured community. We never see ourselves outside of being a collective. And within this collective, we will work together: sharing knowledge, innovation, creativity, and respect – for each other and for our beloved cannabis plant – in order to shape the future ideal of the plant and elevate the entire community. Join us! This is going to be an exciting ride, and we wish for nothing more than to share the space with others who believe in the same ideals…and who Accept Nothing Less.

[1] https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2021/09/23/2302162/0/en/Legalized-Cannabis-Market-Countries-Legalize-the-Consumption-of-Cannabis-Straits-Research.html

Episode 9: Concentrates

Concentrates, or ‘extracts’ as some of you may refer to them, are close to the heart of any cannabis enthusiast. Concentrates, when produced properly and effectively, are the purest expression of the flavour and aromatic profile of any cultivar. Thus – those who truly appreciate high-end cannabis often love concentrates. For this reason, high-end concentrates have always been on our radar, and 7ACRES is excited to announce our new line of amazing true-to-flower extracts!

Concentrates have gained notoriety among cannabis enthusiasts old and new, and they belong to the innovative and creative future ideal of the plant. Hash, wax, diamonds, rosin, and live resin are all types of cannabis concentrates. Basically, you get concentrates as a result of extracting a cannabis plant or flower and stripping the terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids to create a more potent product (i.e. a ‘concentrated’ version) that is consumable via a number of different methods.

There are different processes available to us for creating extracts, and it all depends on what you intend the finished product to be. Essentially, the aim is to isolate and remove cannabinoids and terpenes. During the creation process, either dried or fresh cannabis can be sifted then exposed to heat or extreme cold, gas (like carbon dioxide), solvent, or another oil – or a combination of these – or refined further using ethanol.

At 7ACRES, our concentrates program is eagerly growing toward the future ideal of the plant. We are turning high-end cannabis flower into high-end concentrates – and we are excited by the future prospects in the exciting concentrates realm. We are devoted to offering you premium full-flavour extracts created from our high-quality cannabis plants.

Additionally, we are always committed to the worthwhile process of cannabis education – working and learning alongside our community on all these new product types so that together we can understand and create products to the best of our advantage.

So, let’s take a basic look at the different types of cannabis concentrates…

Cannabis extracts – or concentrates – are the resulting solid or liquid products that can be combusted, vaporized/dabbed or infused into edibles or topicals. ‘Concentrates’ is an umbrella term for the myriad products contained within. As mentioned, they are created by processing cannabis flower into a concentrated form. Whereas dry flower has anywhere from 1% to over 30% THC; cannabis concentrates can contain well over 70% THC. All concentrates are similar in that they are high in THC potency; they then vary in terms of texture, taste, colour, and extraction process. Cannabis oil, hash, vape cartridge liquid, shatter, wax, kief, and tinctures are all examples of concentrates.

Solvent vs. Solventless Concentrates

There has also been a distinction created to differentiate between solvent and solventless concentrates – referring to whether or not a solvent is used in the concentrate extraction process. These processes and techniques will result in the classification of solvent-based or solventless extracts.

Solvent-based extracts are created using an external solvent. A solvent can be defined as a chemical compound that transforms a solid into a liquid. For solvent-based extracts, a solvent is used to strip the trichomes (which contain the cannabinoids & terpenes) from the cannabis plant, in order to use in a consumable extract. Butane, propane, C02, and alcohol are the most common solvents used here.

Solventless products are created through a process that removes trichomes from the cannabis plant without the use of an external solvent, typically by using agitation, heat, pressure or a combination of these methods.

Hash is perhaps the oldest known cannabis concentrate that most people have heard of or are familiar with. It is extracted using a solventless technique. Hash can be soft and pliable or stiff; and it is harvested by using the dried trichome heads and stalks from the cannabis plant, which are then pressed into ‘cakes’ or small rectangles of condensed material. Concentrates have proliferated in the last decade, so while hash is still enjoyed by many enthusiasts, today, there are so many more dynamic concentrates to choose from.

Shatter is a concentrate product created from dried or cured flower. It has a hard, glass-like texture that looks like a thin golden sheet – and as the name says, it ‘shatters’ when you handle it. It contains lower moisture levels than other concentrates.

Rosin is a type of cannabis concentrate that is made without any solvents. It tastes like the buds that were pressed to create it, but with a more potent high and a more robust flavour. It is made with a specialized physical press that essentially uses heat and pressure to extract a gooey liquid. This can be done with fresh or dried flower, and sophisticated extractors will use bubble hash to create rosin. This creates a desirably pure concentrate that is solventless.

Live Resin – What is it?

Live resin is an electrifying new product at 7ACRES, and we truly can’t wait for the community to try it and love it. How does it work? Well, live resin is the result of fresh plant that has been flash-frozen, as opposed to using dried flower; hence, the ‘live’ part – as the cold preserves the flower.

It is also known as ‘high terpene extraction’ or ‘high terpene full spectrum extraction’ (HTFSE) because live resin is intended to retain the purest form and highest counts of terpenes. HTFSE is a cutting-edge extraction technology designed to create the highest-quality, highest-potency concentrates. Enthusiasts now care about flavour profile retention in concentrates, and this method ensures such retention. Methods for HTSFE include using fresh and flash-frozen material, light solvents, and very low temperatures (as opposed to the typical high heat extraction processes).

Many concentrates are created using dried and cured plant material. Live resin, as mentioned, is unique in that it uses fresh, flash-frozen plant material. The term ‘live resin’ refers to the original plant material more so than the extraction process. The idea here is that flash-freezing the fresh plant at peak potency levels preserves precious terpenes and cannabinoids – that might otherwise be reduced during the curing process. After the extraction process, ‘live resin’ is the general term we use to describe the resulting extract. Post-processing techniques can then refine the extract into a specific live resin product type. For example, the live resin product ‘budder’ is created by whipping the resulting live resin that has been extracted.

A key difference between live resin concentrates and other cannabinoid-focused concentrates is the extraction temperature. By using lightweight hydrocarbons, certified lab technicians are able to extract the compounds at very cold temperatures so that the precious terpenes are preserved.

7ACRES Live Resin

7ACRES is excited to extend to our community a growing range of amazing live resin products. Our Kali Mist Live Resin Badder is a limited-time offering. Kali Mist is enjoyed for its fuel-forward, sweet and peppery aroma; and is high in THC – boasting a 70% THC percentage. This live resin is created using whole flower; which is carefully harvested and then frozen within one hour in order to preserve the ‘live’ trichomes. It is extracted with hydrocarbon and is cured to a golden ‘badder’ that is rich in THC and terpenes.

7ACRES is also excited about our offerings of Wappa 49 Live Resin Sugar, as well as our beloved Jack Haze’s extract in the form of Jack Haze Live Resin Diamonds.

Types of Live Resin Products

Most live resin products are packaged in small glass jars, and a ‘dabbing tool’ can then be used to handle it.

Sauce, also known as ‘terp sauce’, ‘diamonds’, or ‘the sauce’: is an incredible live-resin created product. It stands out as being renowned for its purity as a cannabis concentrate. Terpenes can quickly degrade at normal temperatures. Thus, a very low boiling-point solvent (like light hydrocarbon) is used in the primary extraction process, along with freezing temperatures. This preserves the natural terpenes and cannabinoids in the plant, which is what makes it so coveted. It has a liquid, saucy texture as you might imagine from the name.

Wax is another product made from live resin or cured resin extract. It is also known as ‘budder’ or ‘frosting’. It has a waxy consistency which is why it is called wax. It is lighter in colour and more opaque than sugar or shatter, and the wax texture is formed through heat and agitation in the extraction process. It is softer than shatter, and its consistency is like cake batter, which is a result of a concentrate-artist whipping it up after cooldown. This ensures the final solvent molecules are evaporated, removing any extra moisture, and preserving more terpenes than with the process of shatter. Sugar is a concentrate that is basically wax with crystals in it. It has a grainy, sugary looking appearance.


We feel excited about the high-end cannabis products we currently offer to the Canadian cannabis community. And we feel even more excited about the innovative products to come. Our journey in this industry has been firmly rooted in our respect for the plant, and now, we are looking toward the future ideal of the plant. Integral to this is to continuously offer our community a dynamic range of exciting new high-end cannabis products – namely, concentrates!

Live resin is an exploding product area for righteous reasons. It has become treasured because live resin offers experienced enthusiasts beautiful potent cannabis: high terpene counts, full cannabinoid profile, and high THC percentages. 7ACRES is proud and excited to offer you our high-end live resin concentrates. Stay tuned to The Stash for exciting updates about our live resin product offerings. We are excited to share this new realm with you.

Episode 8: Pre-Rolls

7ACRES offers you a high-quality and convenient choice for consuming our beloved high-end cannabis flower: pre-rolls (i.e. pre-rolled joints). Whether you know how to roll up a spliff or not, we’ve considered quality, convenience, and high-quality cultivars, in offering premium pre-rolled cannabis to our beloved community of cannabis enthusiasts.

Our pre-rolls stand out amongst the crowd, truly. Many other brands cut corners when it comes to pre-rolled cannabis. Often, they use trim by-products, lower quality cannabis, and overly dry cannabis with a sand-like consistency within the pre-rolls…definitely not high-end! Most of us have probably puffed on a pre-roll that has tasted, smelled, and been of this low-quality, filled with trim, seeds, and even stems, and we know how unenjoyable the experience is. This is often the case with other cannabis brands, and we recognize this aspect of pre-roll products on the market.

Thus, 7ACRES always carefully packages our pre-rolls with fresh, full-flavoured, high-end cannabis flower. We want you to know that our pre-rolls are the same as if you rolled up your 7ACRES cannabis at home – only more convenient for when you want to puff on the go, or if you simply don’t wish or don’t know how to roll up yourself.

For us, quality comes down to the details. We tested many paper options, and ended up choosing a light, paper-based rolling paper that burns smoothly and slowly. Our testing showed this paper to be ideal, as it allows for a full flavour experience with very little to no added flavour from the paper. We want the community to taste our high-end cannabis purely and in its essence. All of our pre-rolls also have a rigid paper tip which allows for easy handling.

We select smaller nugs to use for our pre-rolls – saving the larger nugs for the community to enjoy in our jars – but using the same high-end flower you trust us for. And we never ever grind our nugs into that awful dusty consistency that ends up burning your throat – or, the opposite, in which the flower is too chunky and doesn’t burn smoothly as a result.

For packaging, our pre-rolls are filled into cones to ensure a nice slow burn with little paper involvement. And as we mentioned, we roll it up with a sturdy tip for added puffing convenience. Your pre-roll is then packaged in a ‘joint tube’, which keeps it freshly stored and easily transportable for when you wish to puff it down. This joint tube can then be conveniently re-used each time you need to store your pre-rolls.

You can be assured that our pre-rolls, after being hand-finished with a fold and twist, are of the highest quality and consistency. Each of our pre-rolls is consistent with the next – always using our high-end cannabis flower, and never using trim products. We are also focused on the element of slow-burning. Our pre-rolls are intended to slow burn, with our high-quality cannabis engaging in a clean, smooth burn.

We genuinely Accept Nothing Less for ourselves and for our valued cannabis community. Our 7ACRES pre-rolls are held to the highest standard – like every other product we offer the community. We respect the plant and our growing process too much to pack anything but high-end flower into our pre-rolled joints. We warmly welcome you to try our premium pre-rolls and see for yourself why we stand by their high-quality

Episode 7: Craft Collective

At 7ACRES, we truly believe that craft growers play an essential role in helping to realize the future ideal of the plant. Our Craft Collective program is an amazing way for us to discover some of the best cannabis in Canada, and to bring it to our community across the country.

No movement is its best self without strong partnerships, and Craft Collective is where we link and build. The Craft Collective is our unique collection of rare, limited quantity, small-batch premium Cannabis cultivars, with some of the highest THC levels available – all grown by Canadian Craft growers. Our vision here has been to form trusting partnerships with premium craft growers in order to serve our community with incredible high-end craft cannabis; and to advance the future ideal of the plant via our supportive and lasting partnerships with these small-scale growers.

We know the community trusts us as a premium cannabis producer, so rest assured that our partnerships will reflect that trust. After establishing valuable relationships with craft growers, we are then ready to discover amazing small-batch cultivars to share with our community of enthusiasts who Accept Nothing Less.

Sensory-based selection is at the heart of the Craft Collective program. We have applied years of strong experience – in listening to and understanding what our community wants from their cannabis cultivars – and transferred that knowledge to our incredibly thoughtful selection process. Our 7ACRES team guarantees that each grower’s entire cultivation process is aligned with our ideology of Accepting Nothing Less! We rigorously evaluate the grower’s ability to select high-quality genetics – we’re talking rare, highly sought-after cultivars – their ability to grow flower with great care, to slow dry, and to meticulously hand-trim and cure their craft cannabis.

We ensure the resulting craft-grown cannabis offers amazingly pungent aromas, dazzlingly beautiful bud structure, and mouth-watering flavour. Some of the limited-edition Craft Collective strains that our enthusiasts have enjoyed so far are OG Kush, Jet Fuel Cookies, Ice Cream Cake, Black Cherry Punch, Kush Cookies, Pink Kush, and Wild Berry OG.

7ACRES is committed to advancing legal craft cannabis in Canada through our well-founded partnerships. Our craft partners grow amazing small-batch cannabis, and we stand behind them. Stay tuned to The Stash – we are excited to show you which incredible craft cultivars we’ll offer you next. Each small-batch lot will be available in select provinces in limited quantities. These are the strains you’re looking for!

Episode 6: Jack Haze

Sweet Citrus, Crisp Pine and Warm Spice — Thoughtfully Selected

If you asked us what 7ACRES’ hallmark cultivar is, we would tell you it’s Jack Haze. We genuinely love to grow and enjoy our beloved Jack Haze strain. It is a fresh, bright green, Sativa-dominant strain – a unique cross between White Widow and Haze, with rare sensory characteristics – its terpinolene-dominant aromatic profile is definitely valued for such rarity. This is a truly special and one-of-a-kind cultivar, and our community loves it for great reasons.

As you might know, we are continuously working on developing new genetics in-house. During the pheno-hunt for our treasured Jack Haze cultivar, we were drawn to its brilliant green colas housing dense buds, abundant terpenes, and powerful aromatics.

Our 7ACRES Jack Haze holds notes of sweet citrus, crisp pine, and warm spices. It’s a mixture of sugar and spice and everything nice – sharp and sweet notes; which are representative of a classic Haze cultivar, mixed with a unique spicy aroma. Jack’s aromatic profile surely transfers to its taste profile – and enthusiasts value Jack Haze for having such a uniquely beautiful flavour and aroma.

As cannabis enthusiasts, we recognize that high-THC isn’t the sole criteria to look out for in a high-end cannabis cultivar. However, for our community members who do prefer a high-THC strain, Jack Haze has you covered. It is a highly potent cultivar – the average THC percentage is 17 – 23%, along with 2-4% terpenes packed in each jar. For an experienced cannabis enthusiast, it will definitely take you where you need to go. If you’re new to using cannabis, then always go ‘low and slow’ when trying new cannabis products, especially ones with higher THC levels. That way, you can safely discover your best usage practices and proceed from there comfortably. And 7ACRES proudly offers our hallmark Jack Haze, along with many different high-quality premium cannabis products for you to discover at your own pace.


Jack Haze has some magic to share in its terpene profile – namely, a terpinolene-forward profile. It is unique to find a cultivar that is dominant in terpinolene. The terpenes present in our Jack Haze are as follows in order of prominence: Terpinolene, Beta-Myrcene, Beta-Ocimene, and Beta-Caryophyllene. Jack Haze’s sweet and citrusy aroma is in part a result of the prominence of terpinolene.

Now…let’s take a deep dive into the unsaturated hydrocarbons – aka terpenes – that are the reason for Jack’s distinct aroma and flavour profile.

Terpinolene is one of the rarer terpenes to be found in cannabis as the dominant terpene. And as we mentioned, Jack is a unique strain that is well-loved for this rarity. But terpinolene doesn’t lurk in the shadows – it actually has such prominence even in low levels. This is another element that makes Jack Haze such a unique cultivar.

In producing terpinolene (along with other terpenes and cannabinoids of course), a cannabis plant defends itself against pests and fungal pathogens due to terpinolene’s larvicidal and antifungal properties. Terpinolene is naturally emitted from tissues and essential oils in different plant species, especially trees. It has a pungent aromatic profile that matches the forest; earthy and fresh with a little hit of citrus.

Terpinolene is found naturally in apples, nutmeg, sage, rosemary, cumin, oregano, coriander, sweet basil, celery, ginger, Scots pine, and valerian; to name a few – so you can imagine its floral, herbal scent, with uplifting pine notes. The highest concentration of terpinolene in nature is found in wild parsnips, which you might recognize as having a herbal, pine-ish scent. In various orange species, navel, tangerine, mandarin, bergamot, and sweet orange – terpinolene is an element of their citrusy fruit oils. Terpinolene is also an element of pine oil and tea tree oil.

Beta Myrcene is the second most prominent terpene housed in our Jack’s beautiful buds. Unlike terpinolene, myrcene is one – if not the most – common terpene found in a cannabis plant. It is also most likely to be the dominant terpene. Beta-Myrcene is found in hops, and beer’s spicy, peppery aroma is a result of this terpene. Myrcene is also found in lemongrass, thyme, mango, apricots, carrots, cotton, valencia oranges, pistachios, and walnuts, among others.

Beta Ocimene and Beta Caryophyllene are the other terpenes present in our beloved Jack Haze strain.

Beta Ocimene can be found in a large variety of plants. It offers us sweet and earthy flavours and with citrusy (and woody) undertones. It is popular to use in fragrances for this reason. Ocimene is found in mangoes, basil, bergamot, lavender, pepper, mint, parsley, orchids, among many others. Ocimene also acts as a pest defense, as certain damaging pests avoid plants with this terpene.

Beta Caryophyllene is another highly abundant terpene found in cannabis. It is known for its herbal spiciness with hints of wood, and it is found in black pepper, cinnamon, hops, and more. It has a strong spicy and peppery aroma. Interestingly, caryophyllene has been observed by scientists to be one of the first non-cannabinoids that activates cannabinoid receptors directly, so it has powerful unique properties that are being continuously studied.

So by now, you’ve gotten to know Jack a bit better – and you can see why this high-end cultivar is very well-loved by our vibrant community of cannabis enthusiasts who wish to Accept Nothing Less. Jack is truly treasured for righteous reasons. And 7ACRES is proud to offer you such uniquely selected genetics, which results in the premium cannabis products that excite and propel our respected community of enthusiasts. We wish for you to experience the full sensory qualities of a fresh jar of Jack Haze, and if you’ve already done so, you understand why we love to talk about it so much…this amazing cultivar truly lives up to all of our hype!

Episode 5: Bugs and Preventative Measures

7ACRES is proud of the high duty-of-care we possess in our cultivation of cannabis production. Cannabis is an incredible plant, but it takes a substantial amount of experience, patience, and innovation to create and maintain a successful grow—without infestation or contamination ruining the crop. We use different types of preventative measures to protect our cannabis and to contain its environment; namely – beneficial insects, PPE, and zonal boundaries. Our aim is to use these best practices to ensure that harmful bugs, bacteria, and other matter don’t contaminate our beautiful plants.

There’s no doubt that the cannabis plant has real enemies! Insects that eat cannabis plants are a constant threat; as they can damage and ultimately destroy our growing plants. Fortunately, we utilize nature to our advantage here – beneficial insects to prevent and manage damage to our beloved plants and remove all of the bad insects. Pest management is a big deal when growing cannabis, so beneficial insects are a powerful natural solution/preventative measure.

Beneficial insects are natural predatory insects that are intended to be released into an individual plant or garden to attack the pests that can damage your crop. They can be used at various stages of development, and can be used preventatively or acutely. They are a great natural way to avoid harsh pesticides.

There are a multitude of beneficial insects that can be used in cannabis production to both prevent and cure. The 7ACRES team releases these beneficial bugs to our plants by hanging sacks on the plants, directly applying them to the soil, or by opening the package of plant defenders in the growing space. The job of these beneficial insects is to then travel across the plant and detect food; their food being the pests that seek to damage our plants.

These beneficial insects are best used preventatively. At 7ACRES, we continually introduce these biosecurity agents to keep predators away. This way, we remain vigilant in preventing them from reaching a level wherein they can cause a full-on outbreak to the plants—a grower’s worst nightmare.

Beneficial bugs can also be used to treat a plant that has become compromised. However, depending on the size and severity of the outbreak, it can take weeks to determine the damage to the plant and how long it will take the beneficial bugs to reclaim it. If an acute outbreak occurs, beneficial insects should be applied every few weeks. As a preventative measure, beneficial insects can be applied more frequently.

Three common pests that attack cannabis plants are Spider mites, Fungus gnats, and Root aphids.

Spider mites are perhaps the most common pest for cannabis plants, and can be one of the most devastating. They live on the underside of leaves, where they puncture them to suck the juices out. They are super tiny (less than a millimeter) so it is really difficult to spot them. Spider mites spin little webs on the plant, and if you see something resembling a tiny cobweb, it is likely they have already infested the plant to some degree.

Spider mites spread quickly and rather effortlessly throughout a crop via airborne webbing. The mites can also spread to workers’ clothing and tools – which is another reason why 7ACRES is so diligent with our PPE and other protective measures like zonal boundaries. Spider mites can be a huge pain because they develop very fast and their colonies increase rapidly. And the warmer and dryer the environment, the more they thrive. Cannabis growers should thus have spider mites at the top of their protective radar at all times! We know we do, as we take every precaution to protect our precious plants.

The first symptom of spider mites are patches of light yellow on the leaves, caused by the larvae, nymphs and adults feeding. At 7ACRES, we are always attentive in examining our plants to catch these first symptoms early, if they exist. Californicus is one effective bioweapon (i.e. beneficial insect) 7ACRES uses against the dreaded spider mite.

According to our insect partner BioBest:

“[Californicus] is able to colonize plants and survive in the absence of the pest by eating pollen and other sources of nutrition – such as fungal spores and hyphae. It controls spider mites by locating small populations and predating upon them – containing and slowing their development; however, it is not so effective at operating within webbing or dense colonies”.

7ACRES also makes use of an excellent spider mite predator: Phytoseiulus persimilis. If you catch the spider mites in time, this is a highly effective curative approach. BioBest again states that “Every day, adult predatory mites devour about 20 spider mite eggs or larvae, 10 nymphs or 5 adult spider mites”. Under ordinary circumstances, this predatory mite population will outgrow the spider mite population by large margins. They can save your plant crop from spider mites in a matter of days. These beneficial insects offer us a viable natural approach to preventing and curing pest outbreaks within our cannabis plants.

Beneficial insects are cool and all, but sometimes it’s the simple things that matter the most, like keeping things clean. This is another way that 7ACRES ensures biosecurity: through effective PPE.

We have always been very stringent about PPE and uniform processes. From the very start, we have implemented and upheld the strictest sanitary measures in our facilities. When growing live organisms, a tiny particle or insect carried into the facility can cause a devastating infestation or disease outbreak. Our team is equipped with effective PPE such as googles, latex gloves, masks, shoe covers, hair nets, Tyvek suits in select rooms, beard nets; in addition to staff uniforms that never leave the facility. Our team is trained to understand that they are required to change PPE frequently; they must dispose of the previous PPE, and outfit themselves in fresh PPE when moving between facility spaces. These extra sanitary precautions require some additional costs, but we believe these costs justify the end result – our amazing high-end cannabis created under stringent sanitary guidelines, free of pests and bacteria.

Our 7ACRES team is also very regimented in how we move between spaces at our growing facility. To prevent contamination and ensure high-quality cannabis, we use zonal boundaries. For example, a team member who has been in the trimming room must change all of their PPE, and in some cases shower, before entering a different zone. These zonal boundaries ensure there is no cross-contamination between different spaces in our facility. Our zonal boundaries and strict PPE measures work hand-in-hand to prevent any type of contamination.

We spend a great deal of time and effort to ensure our plants are healthy and prospering, and strict preventative measures play an essential role in propping up this process. Every tiny detail must be accounted for when it comes to biosecurity to ensure we are not at risk of wasting the fruits of our labour. Our High-End cannabis is a result of these painstaking biosecurity processes! Respecting the future ideal of the plant means protecting it through safe, natural measures as it grows…so it may develop to its full potential and thus serve our trusted community in all its glory.

Episode 4: The Finishing Process

Cultivating high -end cannabis isn’t just about how you grow—the steps you take once the plant has been chopped down are as important, if not more important, than the growth process itself. That is why our 7ACRES team is so dedicated to our post-harvest process, as our flowers must be treated with the utmost care and diligence. This is another component in our ongoing quest to produce the best possible cannabis for our community. We call this the ‘finishing process’ also known as post-harvest and processing. We go above and beyond during this final process—making decisions that are more costly and require more diligence- but which ensure our resulting product delivers uncompromised experiences!

The drying process is a critical step during post-harvest and is directly correlated with the end quality of our product. High-end cannabis isn’t just correlated with how you grow it. If this step is done hastily and without sincere care, the resulting cannabis quality can be negatively affected. If you’ve ever tasted cannabis that smells and tastes like hay, grass or other unpleasant aromatic notes, it is likely the drying process was rushed.

At 7ACRES’ Kincardine facility, drying cannabis is a natural process; one that we know takes time and careful effort to get right. We know that in order to retain its pungent aroma and robust flavour, the cannabis finishing process needs to take it slow.

As you likely know, tray drying and hang drying are the two most common cannabis drying methods. Many other producers tray dry their cannabis flower in as little as three days. 7ACRES whole plant hang-dries our plants for a minimum of ten days. Whole plant hang drying is a natural curing process that allows the plant to dry slowly and consistently. This method provides the entire harvest the space, air flow, temperature, humidity, and time needed to dry and allow the plants’ moisture levels to balance. The whole plant slow-dry process (done in cold temperatures) helps to retain the plant’s volatile terpenes, and breaks down sugars in the plants; which improves the aroma, flavour and quality of smoke. Temperature and humidity greatly influence drying times. Our hybrid grow facility has meticulous environmental controls that help to maintain terpene growth in our flowers. Some terpenes degrade at high or even moderately high temperatures. We ensure every drying room is temperature and moisture controlled to ensure a consistently cool temperature and balanced humidity.

Terpenes are truly fascinating creations of nature in their ability to express complex aromas. 7ACRES is dedicated to processes that protect our precious terpenes, and we understand that this takes substantial time and requires consistency. Our team is always considering the terpenes during the drying process: as it is during this stage wherein the terpenes define themselves The most common terpenes found in our cannabis are as follows:

      • Myrcene: also prominent in hops and lemongrass, it has spicy, herb-like, earthy, musky aromatics 
      • Caryophyllene: it gives a spicy, peppery kick to some cannabis cultivars, it is also found in other plants like cloves, rosemary, oregano, and black pepper 
      • Limonene: it has clean, fresh, citrusy aromatics, it is also found in the rinds of citrus fruits and ginger; and is the prominent terpene in cannabis cultivars that have fruity aromas

Terpenes offer cannabis its unique variety of aromas, whilst also playing a role in affecting therapeutic and mood-altering effects in the cannabis user. The terpene yield of a plant depends on numerous factors such as whether it is an indoor/outdoor grow, growing methods, light exposure, temperatures, nutrients, harvest times, etc.

Terpenes are integral to high-end cannabis. They give the flower its pungent aroma and full-bodied flavour, and they essentially maximize the experience of the plant. The pungent aroma and high-quality taste which you recognize as a high-end cannabis cultivar, is a result of terpenes. The Terpene profile (among other factors) also characterizes a specific cultivar and phenotype.

Once our plants are sufficiently dried, and our terpenes preserved, we move on to trimming. At 7ACRES, we stay away from wet trimming and quicker drying methods. After we have completed the whole plant hang dry process and removed flowers from their stems, they are ready to be trimmed. While we do utilize a light machine trim – part of our ongoing challenge to balance scale and quality – every single one of our buds goes through a stringent Quality Assurance inspection to ensure it stands up to our relentless quality standards. We never wet trim, as when you put scissor gashes in fresh flowers, it causes them to have multiple places to oxidize prematurely (i.e. dry out). This releases chlorophyll on the flower, which can result in grass-like aromas that in turn affects the quality of the buds.

After passing our rigorous QA inspection, our beautiful buds are hand polished to ensure they are carefully manicured, and free of any extra leaf or plant material. Yes, it takes us a lot more time and energy to hang-dry and hand polish, but this is all part of a process designed to Respect the Plant. Our flower is then packaged as quickly as possible to ensure maximum freshness for our beloved community who await their trusted 7ACRES cultivars!

When we say we Accept Nothing Less, we aren’t just talking a big game. We truly Respect the Plant by ensuring that we never rush any part of production. Not only do we take it slow —patiently waiting for our beautiful buds to dry naturally and evenly–we pay attention to every little detail at every stage of the finishing process. As a passionate cannabis producer, we have become trusted for the careful processes we enact. And we are continually assessing, innovating, and improving them—all for our cannabis community and the future ideal of the plant.

Episode 3: Genetics

Cannabis genetics are essential to our purpose. We believe a commitment to high-end products must start at the source—in this case: cannabis seeds. Genetics are directly correlated to product quality; and 7ACRES’ high-end cannabis is a reflection of our diverse, robust genetics program; aimed at selecting the best possible phenotypes from seed which then undergo rigorous testing. We carefully choose genetics based on characteristics that we believe the community appreciates. We focus on plants that grow well, and that show signs of superior aroma and taste profiles —producing premium cannabis that the enthusiasts on our team, and in our valued community, are excited to try.

So how are cannabis genetics related to product quality? Cannabis genetics affect the cannabis plant’s growth and development. Genetics also affect cannabinoids, terpene production, and the plant’s overall yield.

Think of how our genetics influence us as humans: how tall/short we are, what colour eyes we have, what body type we end up with (and how easy or difficult it is for us to change that body type), what colour and thickness our hair is, the condition of our skin etc.

Our own genetics give us an easy analogy to understand cannabis genetics. Every one of us has a mother and father who carry their own unique DNA profile. Half of our DNA comes from our mother, half from our father. Certain attributes from either parent are more dominant than others, and get passed down to us. Now, you may have brothers or sisters but unless you are identical twins, you are probably similar but quite different. Your brother may be taller or shorter than you, more or less athletic, may have brown eyes or blue eyes, etc. Now imagine if your parents had 100 kids. All 100 would share the same genetics from your parents, but all 100 would be unique in their own way. One of your siblings could grow up to be an NBA superstar that has inherited the ideal combination of genes from both parents to be the greatest.

When it comes to selecting the best cannabis phenotype, we are looking for the  superstar. Our aim at 7ACRES is to select the phenotype that checks all the boxes – appearance, aroma, flavour, yield, vigor, resistance to pest and pathogens, flourishes in the environment we create, etc. We want to ensure that the phenotype we select is the truest most robust expression of a cultivar and that we thoroughly deliver what consumers expect from it. If the strain is known as a gassy kush, well, you better believe that the phenotype we select will be gassy as ever!

The overall quality of the cannabis plant depends on its genetics and how they combine with environmental factors. And the structural formation of a cannabis plant is influenced by two things: genetics and environment. The genetic makeup of a plant is called a ‘genotype’, and it acts as a blueprint for the plant’s growth. The genotype allows the plant to end up with a range of possible physical traits. Then, it’s up to the environment to play the other role here; in bringing out these characteristics. The combination of genotype + environmental influences = the ‘phenotype’. A cannabis phenotype describes a range of traits -physical form, development, behavior, biochemistry –  that cause each cannabis plant to be different from one another.

So, let’s look to the past — the beginning of cannabis genetic lineages started with ‘landrace genetics’ – which have evolved into all the unique, diverse cultivars we puff on, vape, eat, and drink today. Landrace genetics in cannabis are basically the ancestors-  ancient cultivars (i.e. ‘strains’) who naturally adapted over time to grow well in varying landscapes and climatic conditions. Landrace strains are the original genetic foundations of modern cannabis hybrids. Back in the day, having a sesh meant likely puffing on one of these pure landrace cultivars.

And as landrace genetics are ‘the ancestors’ – well, they don’t exist anymore! (or to be technical; it is extremely unlikely unless there is some remote, untouched location on earth where cannabis grows naturally & without interference from any outside pollen). While our ancestors are long gone – just like the landrace strains –  we exist as evolved, combined versions of them – just like the new strains of today. And that is why most cannabis cultivars these days are considered ‘hybrids – just like we are hybrid versions of our ancestors.

Today, we are blessed with an abundance of cannabis variety and quality; due originally to growers taking these landrace strains and crossing them. Eventually, they were capable of producing offspring that consistently carried the optimal genetic traits of each parent plant. What’s more, and perhaps most crucial, is that they could avoid unwanted characteristics which could weaken the plant’s health and production. Growers started to cross different landrace genetics for various reasons. Some plants had certain great traits, but such long flowering times that wouldn’t work in climates far from the equator. So the growers crossed a longer-flowering time genetic (but that had other appealing traits) with one that had shorter flowering times. The hope being that the cross would pass on that shorter flowering quality to the offspring. Other factors came to be reasons for crossing genetics (look, smell, taste, effect), along with more business driven reasons (yield, morphology, THC, etc) – or even law enforcement reasons (like breeding out the super potent skunk smell because grows were attracting unwanted attention).

At 7ACRES, we began our journey into genetics years ago — We established a seed bank of genetics from legendary lineages and began to test which plants would perform best in our environment.  Once we learned which plants grew well, we looked to the community to select beloved strains that carried specific traits that cannabis enthusiasts would enjoy.

We are always seeking the most productive plants with the most desirable cannabinoid and terpene profiles. It’s a marriage of passion and process —analyzing which plants will grow large and strong, while always remembering the characteristics that our cannabis community loves.

So how do these genetic profiles relate to product quality? The phenotype hunt (aka the “pheno-hunt”) is an essential part of the genetics process that allows us to select the most fruitful plants. Pheno-hunting is the process of selecting the best cannabis phenotype from a given lot. Our 7ACRES team is committed to pheno-hunting for the community – we search for phenotypes with cannabis enthusiasts at the forefront of our selections.

So in general, how does a pheno-hunt work? Well, a grower will purchase cannabis seeds which belong to a particular cultivar (strain) – for example, White Widow seeds. And while White Widow has specific unique cultivar traits, each plant grown from each seed will become an intrinsically different version of a White Widow cannabis plant. This is just like how you and your siblings are all unique even though you’re from the same parents; your genetics are not identical, and your environmental influences are all distinct from one another, even if highly similar. Just as no two people are exactly the same, neither are two cannabis plants.

And what specs are the 7ACRES team looking for in our pheno-hunts?

      • Growth: the plant’s height, weight, density, roots etc.
      • Hardiness: how does the plant act in various temperatures, how much water does it need, is it vulnerable to mold and pests, how strong is it?
      • Terpene profile: what is the aroma of the flowers?
      • Appearance: what do the buds look like?
      • Trichomes: what does the trichome structure look like?
      • Harvest Time: how long does it take for this plant’s flowers to be ready for harvest?

      7ACRES is on a continuous pheno hunt. Our beloved cultivars are the result of that pheno hunting; they all express specific aromatic notes and pungent flavour that those who appreciate cannabis know and love. Our treasured Jack Haze cultivar is dearly beloved for its sweet citrus, crisp pine and warm spice notes. Our Jean Guy is a balanced hybrid with a terpene profile that boasts a pungent citrusy and woody aroma. Papaya has highly pungent sweet and fruity aromatic notes. It’s a cross of Citral #3 and Ice #2, and it produces beautiful light green buds densely coated with milky white trichomes. Sensi star yields chunky, high THC buds and a gassy lemon and pepper aroma. Wappa 49 was selected after an intensive phenotype hunt to find the most exotic and fruity aromatic profile. Beautiful, dense, chunky buds coated with milky white trichomes produce smooth smoke and intense tropical fruit flavours. And finally, our White Widow cultivar –  a balanced hybrid with a pungent, sweet and woody aroma –  has been known for being highly resinous, having a visually prominent white coating of trichomes.

      Our beautiful cultivars are a testament to our continuous search for strong genetics that positively affect terpene production, offer pungent aromas, and have amazing taste profiles. But this is just the beginning — we are constantly testing new and exciting aroma profiles, searching for characteristics that the community knows and loves so we can continue to offer Canadians premium cannabis that they will truly enjoy. Continued crossing and pheno hunts have been producing some incredible aromatic profiles that we’re excited to share. All backed by a team whose sole purpose is to grow high-end cannabis and who Accept Nothing Less!

      Episode 2: The Home of High-End Cannabis

      Every movement needs a home base – and 7ACRES has built our home in Kincardine. Located along the Bruce Peninsula, on the Western edge of Ontario, our massive 400,000 square foot hybrid-grow facility is designed specifically for growing High-End cannabis. At our Kincardine facility, we remain committed to producing the best premium Canadian cannabis for the community. We are thus continuously focused on updating and innovating cultivation, and on improving processing techniques.

      Our movement’s beautiful home operates with deep respect for both the plant and the community. The culture at our facility is built around the same core values that reflect how our plants are cared for, and the people who work with them – Accepting Nothing Less! Leadership, respect, passion, innovation and community all play a special part in how the organization is governed. These facility values were selected to continually improve both our products and our people, and to guarantee we give them the tools needed to succeed.

      At this scale, it’s easy for some to consider the cannabis plant as a commodity — but we like to see things differently. This isn’t a factory, but a space where we can cultivate a culture of betterment for the plant. A place where we can establish our ideals and constantly work towards them. Where our team can prosper and work together under a sole purpose – to continue to create premium cannabis products, to build deep trust within our community, and to educate our community on how to identify premium cannabis – so they understand why our products are truly worth it.

      The Building

      Let’s not discredit the fact that this 400,000 square foot hybrid grow facility is an engineering masterpiece! It includes 280,000 square ft. of flowering, vegetation and propagation space. 10,000 square ft. is dedicated to cultivation. We have divided our cultivation space into smaller yet identical rooms – one aspect of our commitment to growing high-quality cannabis indoors – as we believe this is ideal compared to one large cultivation space. Within these cultivation rooms, we engage in whole-plant hang drying and hand-trim finishing. Moving along, team members outfitted in strict PPE work throughout our pre-roll production areas. Our facility’s thorough quality-assurance program is also completely integrated, in order to ensure that as a premium cannabis producer, we are supplying our community with the highest quality cannabis products.

      The Kincardine facility also sees the 7ACRES team engaging in cannabis research & development; including cannabis genetics research. Our research & development team aims to fully explore and experiment with every facet of the plant and its growing cycle. 7ACRES’ discoveries are aimed at powering the future of cannabis agribusiness, progressing the genetics of the cannabis plant, and improving our future ideal of the plant.

      A Hybrid-Grow Facility!

      The “hybrid” component—as in ‘hybrid grow facility’—makes our home base incredibly unique! Our hybrid facility is the result of combining indoor sealed cultivation and a glass greenhouse roof with retractable shades. But this is not a traditional greenhouse; it is something entirely different. Our sliding roof was created to harness the best of both worlds: grow amazing high-end cannabis indoors with our trusted High Pressure Sodium lighting, along with biosecure environmental controls; and enhance it by adding sun exposure! We believe harnessing the power of the sun’s natural rays adds to the quality of our cannabis flowers.

      Our hybrid roofing system is made out of glass which allows for full-spectrum sunshine to shine down on our growing cannabis babies. Our roof is also engineered with retractable sunshades, which can be adjusted to suit the exact needs of our plants at any given time. The facility’s roofing system gives us the ability to explore different natural and artificial lighting options – allowing our team to fine-tune growing environments for our precious cannabis plants. We believe that the combination of HPS lighting’s intensity and warm lighting spectrum, in addition to the added benefits of sunlight, is one factor that allows us to grow strains with such interesting aromatic profiles.

      Five Main Areas: Propagation, Cultivation, Post-harvest, Processing, Packaging

      Our hybrid facility is home to five main areas that our valued team members work within: propagation, cultivation, post-harvest, processing, and packaging. Each room is carefully designed to provide the ideal environment for our plants as they grow and are processed. During the cultivation phase, many in the Canadian cannabis industry generally focus on producing low-cost cannabis in facilities optimized to create high-yield, but low-quality flower. This approach prevents the plant from reaching its full potential. Instead, we believe that great cannabis requires investment and care; and our respectful processes reflect that. Our processes allow us to grow enough high-end cannabis so that it can be shared with our community from coast to coast, without sacrificing the characteristics that our customers know and love. It’s a fine line that can often be crossed if producers don’t have the cannabis community in mind.

      For this reason, during post-harvest, our flower is never rushed, because to truly respect the plant (and the community) is to respect each process the cannabis plant requires; with patience and diligence. Our flower is thus whole-plant hang dried in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment. Each bud is meticulously hand-polished, and individually examined before packaging. Our facility allows us to regularly monitor the room’s temperature and airflow so that our whole plant hang-dry succeeds; resulting in strong terps and fresh buds!

      In our processing & packaging stage, we package our buds as quickly as possible to maintain freshness. They are then shipped off to you, our valued community, to be enjoyed soon after being packaged. Our Kincardine facility is more than just a place for our plants to grow. It is a home base for our movement. We’ve built a team of those who love and respect the plant, and have given them a space for continuous growth. As we develop, so will our home — continuing to serve as a space where cannabis keeps getting better and better – where people truly care and wherein they Accept Nothing Less.

      Episode 1: Why We Accept Nothing Less

      At 7ACRES, we take pride in our devotion to the cannabis plant. We believe that in order to create high-end cannabis products, a sincere care for the plant must exist. Our dedicated 7ACRES team embodies this deep care. We have been, and always will be, crafted by cannabis enthusiasts for cannabis enthusiasts. The result of this collective passion is our high-end cannabis products, created and curated by a community that truly Respects the Plant.

      As a premium cannabis producer, 7ACRES has become trusted for providing the community with high-quality cannabis products. We understand that trust is the highest power. And we understand that we have an obligation, if we mean what we say, to earn our customers’ trust and to maintain it. We launched Accept Nothing Less to continue to build that trust; by continuing to improve upon our knowledge-sharing, and to bring our community closer in understanding how and why we are creating premium cannabis products.

      We want community members to feel empowered in their understanding of what makes a high-quality cannabis experience; and we feel a duty to be transparent in opening up our premium cannabis processes and product knowledge to the community. This deep knowledge and care drives our entire brand.

      At 7ACRES, we are optimists committed to relentless improvement; and we have forged our role in the Canadian cannabis industry with tremendous gratitude and respect. Our dedication guides us in striving for continuous improvement of each cultivar that we grow; focusing on improving genetics, aroma, appearance, size, and texture. We are equally committed to improving the Canadian cannabis space; to the positive progression of the community as a whole. We will continue to share our love and knowledge of cannabis through education —not directed at an audience- but within a movement of people who respect the plant; and who have come to Accept Nothing Less.

      You can trust 7ACRES to remain rooted in providing an uncompromised high-end cannabis experience to cannabis enthusiasts. We want our valued customers to feel warmly welcomed, and to feel a sense of belonging –  to a community of people who are working toward the future ideal of the plant!

      Stay tuned on The Stash as we’ll be dropping new videos and articles monthly, showing you exactly how our high- end cannabis products are a result of Accepting Nothing Less!