Episode 1: Why We Accept Nothing Less

At 7ACRES, we take pride in our devotion to the cannabis plant. We believe that in order to create high-end cannabis products, a sincere care for the plant must exist. Our dedicated 7ACRES team embodies this deep care. We have been, and always will be, crafted by cannabis enthusiasts for cannabis enthusiasts. The result of this collective passion is our high-end cannabis products, created and curated by a community that truly Respects the Plant.

As a premium cannabis producer, 7ACRES has become trusted for providing the community with high-quality cannabis products. We understand that trust is the highest power. And we understand that we have an obligation, if we mean what we say, to earn our customers’ trust and to maintain it. We launched Accept Nothing Less to continue to build that trust; by continuing to improve upon our knowledge-sharing, and to bring our community closer in understanding how and why we are creating premium cannabis products.

We want community members to feel empowered in their understanding of what makes a high-quality cannabis experience; and we feel a duty to be transparent in opening up our premium cannabis processes and product knowledge to the community. This deep knowledge and care drives our entire brand.

At 7ACRES, we are optimists committed to relentless improvement; and we have forged our role in the Canadian cannabis industry with tremendous gratitude and respect. Our dedication guides us in striving for continuous improvement of each cultivar that we grow; focusing on improving genetics, aroma, appearance, size, and texture. We are equally committed to improving the Canadian cannabis space; to the positive progression of the community as a whole. We will continue to share our love and knowledge of cannabis through education —not directed at an audience- but within a movement of people who respect the plant; and who have come to Accept Nothing Less.

You can trust 7ACRES to remain rooted in providing an uncompromised high-end cannabis experience to cannabis enthusiasts. We want our valued customers to feel warmly welcomed, and to feel a sense of belonging –  to a community of people who are working toward the future ideal of the plant!

Stay tuned on The Stash as we’ll be dropping new videos and articles monthly, showing you exactly how our high- end cannabis products are a result of Accepting Nothing Less!