Episode 2: The Home of High-End Cannabis

Every movement needs a home base – and 7ACRES has built our home in Kincardine. Located along the Bruce Peninsula, on the Western edge of Ontario, our massive 400,000 square foot hybrid-grow facility is designed specifically for growing High-End cannabis. At our Kincardine facility, we remain committed to producing the best premium Canadian cannabis for the community. We are thus continuously focused on updating and innovating cultivation, and on improving processing techniques.

Our movement’s beautiful home operates with deep respect for both the plant and the community. The culture at our facility is built around the same core values that reflect how our plants are cared for, and the people who work with them – Accepting Nothing Less! Leadership, respect, passion, innovation and community all play a special part in how the organization is governed. These facility values were selected to continually improve both our products and our people, and to guarantee we give them the tools needed to succeed.

At this scale, it’s easy for some to consider the cannabis plant as a commodity — but we like to see things differently. This isn’t a factory, but a space where we can cultivate a culture of betterment for the plant. A place where we can establish our ideals and constantly work towards them. Where our team can prosper and work together under a sole purpose – to continue to create premium cannabis products, to build deep trust within our community, and to educate our community on how to identify premium cannabis – so they understand why our products are truly worth it.

The Building

Let’s not discredit the fact that this 400,000 square foot hybrid grow facility is an engineering masterpiece! It includes 280,000 square ft. of flowering, vegetation and propagation space. 10,000 square ft. is dedicated to cultivation. We have divided our cultivation space into smaller yet identical rooms – one aspect of our commitment to growing high-quality cannabis indoors – as we believe this is ideal compared to one large cultivation space. Within these cultivation rooms, we engage in whole-plant hang drying and hand-trim finishing. Moving along, team members outfitted in strict PPE work throughout our pre-roll production areas. Our facility’s thorough quality-assurance program is also completely integrated, in order to ensure that as a premium cannabis producer, we are supplying our community with the highest quality cannabis products.

The Kincardine facility also sees the 7ACRES team engaging in cannabis research & development; including cannabis genetics research. Our research & development team aims to fully explore and experiment with every facet of the plant and its growing cycle. 7ACRES’ discoveries are aimed at powering the future of cannabis agribusiness, progressing the genetics of the cannabis plant, and improving our future ideal of the plant.

A Hybrid-Grow Facility!

The “hybrid” component—as in ‘hybrid grow facility’—makes our home base incredibly unique! Our hybrid facility is the result of combining indoor sealed cultivation and a glass greenhouse roof with retractable shades. But this is not a traditional greenhouse; it is something entirely different. Our sliding roof was created to harness the best of both worlds: grow amazing high-end cannabis indoors with our trusted High Pressure Sodium lighting, along with biosecure environmental controls; and enhance it by adding sun exposure! We believe harnessing the power of the sun’s natural rays adds to the quality of our cannabis flowers.

Our hybrid roofing system is made out of glass which allows for full-spectrum sunshine to shine down on our growing cannabis babies. Our roof is also engineered with retractable sunshades, which can be adjusted to suit the exact needs of our plants at any given time. The facility’s roofing system gives us the ability to explore different natural and artificial lighting options – allowing our team to fine-tune growing environments for our precious cannabis plants. We believe that the combination of HPS lighting’s intensity and warm lighting spectrum, in addition to the added benefits of sunlight, is one factor that allows us to grow strains with such interesting aromatic profiles.

Five Main Areas: Propagation, Cultivation, Post-harvest, Processing, Packaging

Our hybrid facility is home to five main areas that our valued team members work within: propagation, cultivation, post-harvest, processing, and packaging. Each room is carefully designed to provide the ideal environment for our plants as they grow and are processed. During the cultivation phase, many in the Canadian cannabis industry generally focus on producing low-cost cannabis in facilities optimized to create high-yield, but low-quality flower. This approach prevents the plant from reaching its full potential. Instead, we believe that great cannabis requires investment and care; and our respectful processes reflect that. Our processes allow us to grow enough high-end cannabis so that it can be shared with our community from coast to coast, without sacrificing the characteristics that our customers know and love. It’s a fine line that can often be crossed if producers don’t have the cannabis community in mind.

For this reason, during post-harvest, our flower is never rushed, because to truly respect the plant (and the community) is to respect each process the cannabis plant requires; with patience and diligence. Our flower is thus whole-plant hang dried in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment. Each bud is meticulously hand-polished, and individually examined before packaging. Our facility allows us to regularly monitor the room’s temperature and airflow so that our whole plant hang-dry succeeds; resulting in strong terps and fresh buds!

In our processing & packaging stage, we package our buds as quickly as possible to maintain freshness. They are then shipped off to you, our valued community, to be enjoyed soon after being packaged. Our Kincardine facility is more than just a place for our plants to grow. It is a home base for our movement. We’ve built a team of those who love and respect the plant, and have given them a space for continuous growth. As we develop, so will our home — continuing to serve as a space where cannabis keeps getting better and better – where people truly care and wherein they Accept Nothing Less.