Episode 10: Future Ideal of the Plant


The Future Ideal of the Plant – we keep repeating this phrase, so what do we truly mean when we say it? 7ACRES is very proud of our role in the Canadian cannabis industry. We hold deep gratitude and respect for the individuals and groups that have come before us; and who continue on the scene alongside us. We absolutely understand the important role we play in helping shape the future of our industry and in helping shape the future of the amazing cannabis plant. Let’s take a look at the changes we want to see in the near future when it comes to advancing towards a better and more prosperous future for the cannabis plant. Some of these aspirations will come sooner than later, but it’s important that we understand where we are going.

We believe in the absolute power of the cannabis plant. And our mission has been successful in bringing high-end cannabis to Canadians, while building our role as cannabis educators too. We recognize that many of our customers are established cannabis community members; and we are so grateful for their trust in our premium cannabis products, and in our brand vision. At the same time, we wish to welcome new members of the community with open arms – Canadians who are just discovering the potential benefits of high-quality cannabis concentrates. The more, the merrier, and we want everyone to feel they can learn, grow, and elevate within our valued cannabis enthusiast community.

The Future of the Industry

We see ourselves as bridging the past, present, and future in this industry. If you don’t keep an eye to the future, how do you know where you are headed? But if you don’t pay attention and show respect for the past, how can you inform your future decisions within this space? The future of cannabis is bright and exciting. But it hasn’t always felt like this. There has been and continues to be, a hard-fought fight against many factors within this space.


We will never lose sight of the fact that so many people, individuals and groups, have sacrificed so much in order to even claim a position in this space. We do not take that lightly, and it is always informing our business practices and ideologies. We dream of a future where the stigmatization of cannabis is erased – where cannabis use is normalized as a beneficial element to so many peoples’ lives and to society as a whole. Huge leaps have been made in a positive direction here, but we still have a long way to go – and that’s okay – we’re up for the challenge and we’re motivated by it.

Beyond stigmatization, we recognize that there are tangible consequences being faced by individuals and groups within the cannabis world that are incredibly unjust. Our hope is that nations across the globe will decriminalize, legalize, and become educated on the plant so that they see the benefit of allowing it to become integrated within their society. We recognize that it is not morally right for so many of us to be celebrating this legal cannabis space, while others have been punished for advocating for it when it was simply not granted legality by our governments.

Indica vs. Sativa

We wish for the outdated and over-simplified classification of ‘indica’ and ‘sativa’ to be phased out.

According to Schwabe & McGlaughlin (2019): Differences in characteristics within a named strain may be surprising for a recreational user, but differences may be more serious for a medical patient who relies on a particular strain for alleviation of specific symptoms. … There is no consistent genetic differentiation between the widely held perceptions of Sativa and Indica cannabis types. Moreover, the genetic analyses do not support the reported proportions of Sativa and Indica within each strain, which is expected given the lack of genetic distinction between Sativa and Indica.

We see this as limiting the understanding of the true potential of the plant. And we also believe it misguides education on cannabis and all of its amazing properties. We wish to see cannabis assessed accurately, using a scientifically supported classification system that uses empirical evidence to correlate cannabis compounds and their associated benefits. We want cannabis to be assessed for its true sensory and growth characteristics.

New Products

7ACRES will always create premium high-THC cannabis for our customers who seek this, but we also want to expand our understanding of the plant’s positive properties so that other metrics are appreciated. The cannabis plant is such a deep and complex being after all, and deserves to be appreciated for all of its qualities, not just its strength. Elements like, you guessed it, aroma and flavour must be appreciated to understand this plant fully. To be true connoisseurs, we must consider all factors.

When we say the future ideal of the plant, we mean that we are looking toward new, innovative, high-quality cannabis products. We want to forge spaces for amazing artisan cannabis cultivators, like what we’ve developed with our Craft Collective partnerships. And the amount of improvement among concentrates alone in the last ten years fills us with so much hope and excitement for the future outlook of cannabis product types. We want to lead the way with live resins and rosins, and more exciting new cannabis products down the road. We will focus on using new technologies and advancements to elevate these products to an even higher level of quality and creativity.

What does the future of the Cannabis Plant look like?

Global receptiveness of cannabis is accelerating at a fast pace, which is incredible to see! By 2025, the global legalized cannabis market is expected to reach USD 40 billion[1]. This is fueled by many nations across the globe legalizing cannabis. Our closest neighbour and trading partner, the USA, is legalizing cannabis on a state by state basis, and it is anticipated to be federally legalized in the future. This is positive news for the North American cannabis market.

Many people are now seeking advice from medical professionals on using cannabis for medical purposes to treat various illnesses and symptoms. People are being educated on truths about the plant, rather than the barrage of misinformation that has plagued us for decades in this industry. This is a very positive outlook, as people are opening their minds to understanding the immense, beneficial power of cannabis for themselves and others.

People are finding out that the human body is outfitted with an endocannabinoid system designed to receive cannabinoids via our physical receptors. This alone is such valuable education for people new to understanding the role of cannabis on humans. In understanding this, it opens up so much research on how the myriad cannabinoids that are found in cannabis interact with the human body and mind – and how that influences our physical and mental health. We are seeing a proliferation of this type of research, and it is such a positive step. Research is integral to the advancement and to de-stigmatization as well.

Welcoming the Future

The Canadian and global cannabis industry is ever-growing, and we are so excited to exist as leaders within this space at such a time. We are forward thinkers who deeply value our role within this amazing industry. Our aim is to continuously contribute in a positive way, always forward and upward!

7ACRES will continue to elevate the Canadian cannabis space in a holistic manner. We will continue to create high-end cannabis products that reflect the future ideal of the plant. We are devoted to high-quality cannabis education, and to always listening carefully to our community. We will continue to fight stigmatization of the plant and its users – and we will ensure that we contribute consciously to the betterment of the entire community – as individual people and as a collective.

We at 7ACRES are as motivated as ever to continue our leadership role in the Canadian cannabis space. Our dream is coming to fruition with each step forward, and we are honoured to join this journey with our treasured community. We never see ourselves outside of being a collective. And within this collective, we will work together: sharing knowledge, innovation, creativity, and respect – for each other and for our beloved cannabis plant – in order to shape the future ideal of the plant and elevate the entire community. Join us! This is going to be an exciting ride, and we wish for nothing more than to share the space with others who believe in the same ideals…and who Accept Nothing Less.

[1] https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2021/09/23/2302162/0/en/Legalized-Cannabis-Market-Countries-Legalize-the-Consumption-of-Cannabis-Straits-Research.html