Episode 8: Pre-Rolls

7ACRES offers you a high-quality and convenient choice for consuming our beloved high-end cannabis flower: pre-rolls (i.e. pre-rolled joints). Whether you know how to roll up a spliff or not, we’ve considered quality, convenience, and high-quality cultivars, in offering premium pre-rolled cannabis to our beloved community of cannabis enthusiasts.

Our pre-rolls stand out amongst the crowd, truly. Many other brands cut corners when it comes to pre-rolled cannabis. Often, they use trim by-products, lower quality cannabis, and overly dry cannabis with a sand-like consistency within the pre-rolls…definitely not high-end! Most of us have probably puffed on a pre-roll that has tasted, smelled, and been of this low-quality, filled with trim, seeds, and even stems, and we know how unenjoyable the experience is. This is often the case with other cannabis brands, and we recognize this aspect of pre-roll products on the market.

Thus, 7ACRES always carefully packages our pre-rolls with fresh, full-flavoured, high-end cannabis flower. We want you to know that our pre-rolls are the same as if you rolled up your 7ACRES cannabis at home – only more convenient for when you want to puff on the go, or if you simply don’t wish or don’t know how to roll up yourself.

For us, quality comes down to the details. We tested many paper options, and ended up choosing a light, paper-based rolling paper that burns smoothly and slowly. Our testing showed this paper to be ideal, as it allows for a full flavour experience with very little to no added flavour from the paper. We want the community to taste our high-end cannabis purely and in its essence. All of our pre-rolls also have a rigid paper tip which allows for easy handling.

We select smaller nugs to use for our pre-rolls – saving the larger nugs for the community to enjoy in our jars – but using the same high-end flower you trust us for. And we never ever grind our nugs into that awful dusty consistency that ends up burning your throat – or, the opposite, in which the flower is too chunky and doesn’t burn smoothly as a result.

For packaging, our pre-rolls are filled into cones to ensure a nice slow burn with little paper involvement. And as we mentioned, we roll it up with a sturdy tip for added puffing convenience. Your pre-roll is then packaged in a ‘joint tube’, which keeps it freshly stored and easily transportable for when you wish to puff it down. This joint tube can then be conveniently re-used each time you need to store your pre-rolls.

You can be assured that our pre-rolls, after being hand-finished with a fold and twist, are of the highest quality and consistency. Each of our pre-rolls is consistent with the next – always using our high-end cannabis flower, and never using trim products. We are also focused on the element of slow-burning. Our pre-rolls are intended to slow burn, with our high-quality cannabis engaging in a clean, smooth burn.

We genuinely Accept Nothing Less for ourselves and for our valued cannabis community. Our 7ACRES pre-rolls are held to the highest standard – like every other product we offer the community. We respect the plant and our growing process too much to pack anything but high-end flower into our pre-rolled joints. We warmly welcome you to try our premium pre-rolls and see for yourself why we stand by their high-quality