White Ash: One Indicator of Quality

7ACRES’ cannabis always burns clean, with a white ash, robust flavour, and smooth smoke.

White Ash Is One Indicator of High End Cannabis

The debate on the importance of white ash is ongoing. The concept originated in the cigar industry and later was adopted by cannabis enthusiasts as one of many indicators of high quality flower. White ash can be a sign that cannabis has been dried and cured correctly.

Black ash and the harsh smoke and astringent taste you may have experienced with it, are attributed to a variety of factors. This can include improper drying techniques, not flushing prior to harvest, and the temperature that the flower is burning at.

Hang Drying Creates High End Cannabis

At 7ACRES we go to great lengths to ensure that we take our time hang drying our plants, with our proprietary whole plant drying process. On average this takes 12 days and ensures our flowers retain all the qualities you look for in High End Cannabis. For us, the drying room is where we bring out the attributes of a particular strain or cultivar. The practice of quick drying a crop seems totally counter-productive to us. bushing this crucial step in the process means you will inevitably lose the most important attributes of a flower. Its smell, taste and quality of smoke it delivers. Ultimately, quality cannot be rushed or the experience it delivers will be severely impacted.

Over Drying Vs. Under Drying 

We take our time drying our plants, so they all reach an optimal moisture content and provide a clean smoke. Black ash is often a result of rushing or over-drying the cannabis. This can leave behind undesirable attributes while expressing out the preciously volatile terpenes. So we will continue to take our time.

The Importance of Flushing

Flushing out the nutrients from a plant before it is harvested is an important step in ensuring quality. 7ACRES does this religiously. Two weeks before a plant is harvested, we flush it, by only providing water for the last weeks of its life. The plant absorbs the water and transpires, feeding off the nutrients it already has. The levels of those nutrients are significantly reduced before the plant is harvested and dried.

It is those high levels of nutrients that often give other cannabis a black burn and a harsh, unpleasant and chemically taste. By flushing, we can ensure our cannabis always has a clean burn, smooth smoke and white ash, one indicator of High End cannabis.