Why We Whole Plant Hang Dry

7ACRES’ proprietary whole plant drying process takes 10-14 days.

Whole Plant Hang Drying Is Better For The Plant

Why do we spend so much time drying our flower, when so many other producers tray dry in as little as three days? Simple; it takes time to properly dry cannabis. By hang drying for a minimum of 10 days we provide the entire harvest the space, air flow, temperature, humidity and time needed to dry and allow the plants moisture to balance. This cold temperature whole plant slow dry practice helps to retain the plants volatile terpenes and breaks down sugars in the plants, which improves the aroma, flavour and quality of smoke.

3 Reasons Why We Whole Plant Hang Dry

      • Our focus is on quality, not quantity.
      • Whole plant hang drying respects the plant and protects the preciously volatile terpenes.
      • Curing is where terpenes define themselves, and that takes even more time and consistency.

      The Importance Of Terpenes

      Terpenes are what gives flower its pungent aroma, robust flavour and maximizes the experience that you want from High End Cannabis. Terpene profile, among other characteristics, also characterize a particular cultivar and phenotype.

      Crack a jar of 7ACRES and you will instantly smell high quality flower. That’s what we have a reputation for. That’s what enthusiasts expect from us. And you can only get that aroma and taste when you take care to protect the terpenes. We pride ourselves on that. It means we are delivering a consistent product and giving you an uncompromised experience.

      You Cannot Rush Quality

      If you have ever experienced cannabis that smells and tastes like hay, grass or other unpleasant aromas, there is a good chance that the producer has rushed the drying process. Drying and curing cannabis properly, so it retains its pungent aroma and robust flavour, takes time. You simply cannot rush quality.