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      Phone Number: 1-833-7AC-TEAM

    • Parminder Bal

      Directeur de la stratégie et de la planification

      Parminder Bal est directrice de la stratégie et de la planification à 7ACRES où elle supervise la planification des opérations, les initiatives de projet et l’amélioration continue. Elle croit en la force du travail d’équipe et au respect dans ses pratiques quotidiennes de travail. Mme Bal est une stratège d’affaires expérimentée. Elle met l’accent sur … Continue reading “Parminder Bal”

      Ram Davloor

      General Manager

      Ram Davloor is the General Manager at 7ACRES and developed and maintains the strategic plan of our organization. As one of the original group that started 7ACRES, Mr. Davloor’s goal was to help build a socially conscious company with highly engaged employees. As the company’s first Health Canada approved Quality Assurance Person, he was accountable … Continue reading “Ram Davloor”

      Cailin Gehlsen

      Senior Director of Finance, RPIC

      Cailin Gehlsen is the Senior Director of Finance at 7ACRES and holds the position of Responsible Person for Health Canada compliance under the Cannabis Act. She developed the financial management systems and leads the finance activities at 7ACRES to ensure compliance with accounting standards, public company listing requirements and business optimization. ​ Cailin Gehlsen is … Continue reading “Cailin Gehlsen”

      Doug Wilson

      Senior Director of Operations

      Doug Wilson is the Senior Director of Operations at 7ACRES. His primary focus is to foster the relationship between the Production and Processing departments, while assisting with new innovation and any challenges that may arise in these areas. Mr. Wilson is an operations management professional who focuses on improving efficiencies and minimizing interruptions to workflow. … Continue reading “Doug Wilson”

      Upeksha Nanayakkara

      Senior Director of Quality Assurance

      Upeksha is the Senior Director of Quality Assurance at 7ACRES, where she brings four years of experience in the Cannabis industry in quality assurance, greenhouse production, and integrated disease and pest management. Mrs. Nanayakkara is a Doctor of Plant Pathology with a broad understanding of several science disciplines. She is a highly motivated individual who … Continue reading “Upeksha Nanayakkara”

      Lorne Lazenby

      Senior Director of Human Resources

      Lorne Lazenby is the Senior Director of Human Resources at 7ACRES . This has been one of his most satisfying roles in his impressive career. Supporting emerging managers and helping them develop their skills in their new roles while rapidly scaling as a company has been challenging and rewarding. ​ Mr. Lazenby is an HR … Continue reading “Lorne Lazenby”

      Joe Zawislak

      Senior Director of Facilities

      Joe Zawislak is the Senior Director of Facilities at 7ACRES. He is responsible for equipment, building and ground maintenance and Sanitation. He puts a strong emphasis on preventative maintenance, work processes and training of staff to ensure the high quality of work and safety. ​ Mr. Zawislak is a maintenance expert with a wealth of … Continue reading “Joe Zawislak”

      Dave Robinson

      Senior Director of Business Systems

      Dave Robinson is the Senior Director of Business Systems and is responsible for inbound and outbound supply chain, IT and SAP integration. His extensive experience working with enterprise resource planning software made him a leader in the development and successful launch of Project Blaze (SAP). ​ Mr. Robinson is a finance expert and consultant with … Continue reading “Dave Robinson”

      Al Robertson

      Head of Security

      Al Robertson is the Director of Security at 7ACRES and is responsible for overseeing the security department and program, including its development during facility expansion projects. He is a member of the 7ACRES Health Canada Licensing Team, helping to achieve licensing during a time of rapid scaling. One of his next projects will be to … Continue reading “Al Robertson”

      Dirk Nielsen

      Director of Engineering

      Dirk Nielsen is the Director of Engineering at 7ACRES and leads the engineering systems department to support complicated infrastructure and facility operations. In his previous role as Director of Processing, he was able to expand drying, trimming, and automated Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) systems. ​ Mr. Nielsen is an engineer, innovator and leader who strives … Continue reading “Dirk Nielsen”